What is the right size rug for a bedroom?

Often times, the most important thing about having a rug in a bedroom is making sure that it not only looks great but also adds extra comfort. 

An easy solution is to get a large rug, around 8’ x 10’ or 9’ x 12’ to sit underneath the entire bed and bedside table. This should allow the rug to frame the bed and still have enough visible to be able to appreciate the rug.


(Caution: Be sure to vacuum wool rugs covered by furniture regularly to avoid moth damage.)

Runners also work great in bedrooms because you can customize the styles and placements easily. By placing two runners, anywhere from 2’ to 3’ wide and 5’ to 7’ feet long, on each side of the bed you get both the comfort and added character of a quality rug in your bedroom without paying for extra space that would otherwise be covered by the bed.