Rug Pad

The main function of a rug pad is non skit, it holds the rug in place and does not let it move. A good quality rug pad prolongs the life of the rug. There are many different types of rug pad in the market, we sell two type of pad which we believe are the best and have been selling them for the past 30 years. Rug pads are recommended for rugs but not necessary.

1-      Durahold, is our best pad which is about ¼ inch thick and is recommended for all type of rugs, especially for the rugs that are thinner and flat weaves. The thickness gives the rug a nice quashing feel and helps it last longer. This pad is rubbery in one side and jute on the other side. On hard surfaces, the rubbery side goes on the floor and the rug lye on the jute side. For wall to wall carpeting the jute side goes on the floor and the rug lye on the rubbery side. $2.00/SFT


2-      Rug Check, a green color thin pad which holds the rug and does not let it move. It is made for hard surfaces and does not work on wall to wall carpeting. $1.00/SFT







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